Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory

Our Approach

Too often, strategies in the food sector are developed and presented using generic frameworks and points of view from outside the sector. Essentially, you’re offered generic thought-clichés that may not be wrong, but also may not fully account for the unique elements of the food industry.

Our approach is different.  Like many firms, IAP provides food companies with strategic advice on growth, restructuring, M&A and other board-level initiatives.  What differentiates us, however, is that we believe that on order to create lasting value, food companies need to develop holistic strategies embedded in the full context of the industry.  This is what we do, and we call this approach “Integrated Strategy.”  We believe that by using an Integrated Strategy approach, our team is uniquely suited to help founder, owners, and boards in the sector unlock, build and protect value in creative ways.

What is Integrated Strategy?

We start with a thorough understanding of the economics of your business and how it creates value now.  We then consider the host of non-market forces at play in the food sector. Such factors include government regulations, industry guidelines, shifting health agendas, trade regulations, geopolitical upsets, scientific advances, new technologies and even trends in public activism.  In food, no growth, acquisition or merger strategy worthy of the name can ignore these forces.

Typically, only the largest firms have a team focused on strategic questions such as:

  • “How can we best formulate a sustainable acquisition and growth model?”
  • “Should we enter new distribution channels?  If so, how and where?”
  • “What capital structure will best support our long term growth plans?”
  • “Should we only be considering bolt-on acquisitions, or should we move into adjacent products?”
  • “What will be the challenges and opportunities presented by the growth of Private Label for our products?”

IAP can answer such questions, in effect becoming your outsourced strategic development team, working with you to develop detailed plans and approaches to these and other strategic questions.